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You have a wish: change the car . Maybe it’s not just a whim, but a real need. Your faithful car has now reached its end, or maybe the family has expanded and you want a bigger car in the garage, you bought a mountain hut and you need a 4 × 4 …

So you want to change cars, but you have a problem: you do not want to spend too much . In fact, you want to spend as little as possible without giving up quality. So you’re taking a look at the opportunity: used cars 2015 , is this the right year to change the faithful four-wheeler? As always it is difficult to make definitive predictions, even if the trend is favorable.

The Italians, in fact, trust the second-hand market. A little ‘out of necessity, a little’ thanks to new digital technologies that allow a rapid exchange of information on the internet. So it may seem easy to intercept the car of your dreams and travel miles on kilometers at a minimum cost.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. That’s why we decided to dedicate space to a 2015 used car driving: here you can find a handful of tips to choose your car well, and start the new year with the right savings.

Common sense

The first advice is this: use common sense, always. What is hidden behind a unique opportunity? The price is very low and the conditions are convenient? Well, deepen this announcement and do not let the primordial impulse to purchase prevail over rationality.

Hurry is bad counselor, and with a little ‘ time available you can cross data collected from your online activity with those of offline searches to get the best possible result. Obviously before concluding the deal you have to touch the quality of the car. To learn more: how to buy a car online .

Reseller or private?

This is the key question: is it better to buy a used car from a dealer or a private individual? In the first case you have more guarantees , you have an interlocutor who sells cars by profession and has a goal: to meet your needs, and it is easy to find used cars at Km 0 . Moreover:

By law, dealers, who sell used cars, must guarantee the vehicle sold for at least one year from delivery. Fault repairs are covered and, in the worst cases, the car can be replaced ( source ).

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This warranty can also be extended to 24 months. With the purchase of a car used by the dealer checks that the temporary exemption of the stamp has been made: in this way the expiry of the stamp will be suspended and will resume when the purchase takes place.

On the other hand, cars sold by private individuals can reveal better opportunities. But the attention must be greater: always check chassis numbers, mileage, presence of any warranty of the car.

Remember that an advantageous price can hide extra expenses in terms of control from the mechanic, repairs, cutting . Without forgetting the costs of transferring ownership : first of all, try to have certain numbers in hand.


Check the car

Easy to leave room for euphoria, right? You are buying a used car and it seems that everything is in order: the documents are, the price is accessible , the category is suitable for your needs. But before giving the final ok you have to make sure that you do not hide problems. Here is a series of basic checks:

  • Bodywork : the car has scratches, dents, abrasions?
  • Frame : take a look under it means to discover the secrets of the car.
  • Paint : is it in good condition?? Has it been opaque with time?
  • Engine compartment: is everything in order? Are there any losses?
  • Interior : steering wheel, mats, seats, dashboard …
  • Glasses and lights : are there any cracks? Do the lights work?

These elements can make the difference: they allow you to negotiate on price, but above all they can hide problems that are difficult to solve in the future. In general, to be sure that no surprises are hidden, you should inspect the car with your trusted mechanic . In any case it is always good to do a road test to have a true confirmation of the conditions.

Attention to insurance

Do you know that insurance for used cars is more expensive ? The RC car policies for new cars can be advantageous because the companies calculate the possible damages related to a worn out car, no longer in perfect condition. Old car: possible accidents, little care from the owner.

Always like that? No, but this is the policy of insurance companies. This is why the solution – even after having explored the advantages of the Bersani Law – is always a good information. That’s why there are tools that – once you enter your needs and needs – allow you to compare different car insurance .