The vehicles that you can drive with the car license

The vehicles that you can drive with the car license

  • With the B permit you can drive microcars, utility vehicles, motorcycles up to 15 HP (with 3 years of experience), three-wheelers, sidecar bikes (with requirements) and other types of vehicles.
  • The buggy and the quad can also drive them if you have the car license.

Image result for car license Although it may look like a quad, the way of driving this motorcycle, the Quadro4, is completely opposite. QUADRO4

In Spain, the most requested driving license is undoubtedly the B card, which is the license to drive cars. According to data from the DGT, the census of drivers with type B permits reaches 18,838,157 . With this B card you can drive microcars, SUVs, saloons, minivans, SUVs, sports cars … but, did you know that it also allows you to drive other vehicles? What motorcycles can I drive with my car license?

Two and three wheeled vehicles

Who, after passing a theoretical test and a practical test, has obtained the driver’s license type B, can also be put at the controls of a motorcycle, specifically a moped whenever you mount a motor with a displacement of less than 50 cubic centimeters or a motor and that its maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h.

If this type of small motorcycle is too short for your daily commuting, you can also drive a motorcycle up to 125 cc with a maximum power of 15 hp (11 KW) but, to validate the A1 card, you must have at least three years of experience with the B card. Many drivers alternate the driving of a car with that of a scooter , especially to facilitate mobility between the intense daily traffic in large cities. If you have never driven a motorcycle, these tips for learning to ride a motorcycle will come in handy.

If the vehicles with three wheels or tricycles give you greater security -for their stability- you can also drive them, but as long as two of the three wheels are on the same axis. In this case, there is no power or displacement limitation, the only requirement is that the manufacturer approves it as a three-wheeled vehicle and not as a three-wheeled motorcycle. The difference is that the first one requires a parking brake, a minimum track width and other lighting elements.

In case you like more three-wheel bikes , you can also drive them, but they will have to have a displacement below 125 cc and a power that does not exceed 20 HP (15 kW). And motorcycles with sidecar ? You can also be placed at the controls of one of these bikes without two wheels on the same axis, but only when you have validated the A1 card after demonstrating three years of experience with the B card. In this case, the same conditions that we have discussed apply before: they must be motorcycles that do not exceed 125 cc and 15 hp (11kW) of power.

Other vehicles with four wheels

Image result for car licenseThere are small vehicles that are homologated as quadricycles and that can also be driven with the B license. They can be light quadricycles with a maximum weight of 350 kg and a maximum power of 4kW or the conventional quadricycle of up to 550 kg and 20 HP (15 kW ).

If you are thinking of a buggy vehicle with more than 20 HP, you should know that these are approved as cars, so you can drive them without problems with your B card. Vehicles that can be driven with a car license can also be used. they include quads or ATVs without specific limitations.

We have commented that the B card enables to drive cars, but be careful because here we also find limitations. Vehicles exceeding 3,500 kilos are not included, which is the maximum weight allowed that appears on the vehicle’s technical sheet. To this is added another condition and is that it has no more than nine seats , including the driver’s. There are also vans that meet these requirements and that are approved as a tourist or commercial vehicle.

Vehicles with a trailer with the B license

In addition to driving cars, motorcycles, tricycles, quads, quads or vans, the B card also authorizes you to drive these vehicles with a trailer. In this case we also find the limitation of the maximum weight admitted in the technical file that can not be exceeded.

If you are going to attach a trailer to a specific tourism (up to 3,500 kg of weight), the regulation allows two alternatives: a tourism and a trailer (maximum 750 kg) that do not altogether exceed the 4,250 kg or a tourism and a trailer (exceeds 750 kg) that together do not suppose more than 3,500 kg. If these requirements are not met you will have to resort to other types of cards.