The compensation service: the layout of the vehicle – Disabled child: schooling, allowance … (1891)

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The layout of the vehicle

Are concerned :

  • the layout of the vehicle usually used by the person with a disability, whether that person is a driver or a passenger,
  • the options or accessories of the vehicle necessary because of the handicap of the person

The amenities of the driving position may be supported only if the person has a permit that mentions such a development. It is also possible to benefit if you want to pass the driving license in accompanied driving (providing the necessary evidence).

The additional costs related to transport

These additional costs correspond to the costs associated with regular or frequent transport or corresponding to an annual holiday leave. These can be journeys between home and work or between home and a hospital or medico-social. They will not be taken care of if these extra costs are caused by the non-respect of the obligation to implement a means of alternative transport in case of inaccessibility of public transport.

Who can benefit ?

To qualify, people must meet the conditions of residence, age and disability.

Beneficiaries of the Disabled Child Education Grant (AEEH) may benefit from this component of the compensation benefit. In this case the charges are not taken into account for the attribution of the AEEH complement

The amount of the aid

The total amount attributable is 5000 euros for any period of 5 years .

If the works are in a range between 0 and 1500 euros, the amount of the aid corresponds to 100% of the tariff. If the works are more than 1500 euros, the amount of the aid corresponds to 75% of the price but can not exceed 5000 euros.

For the additional costs related to the transport , the price corresponds to:

  • EUR 0.50 per kilometer for trips by private car,
  • 75% of additional costs for journeys with other means of transport. (within the limit of the maximum amount)

The maximum amount is EUR 12 000 in the event of additional costs due to journeys between the place of residence and the place of work or between the place of residence and a hospitalization establishment or a medical-social facility, or where recourse is made to transport provided by one-third, to make a round-trip trip greater than 50 kilometers

Time to use help

The refurbishment work must be carried out no later than 12 months after notification of the award decision.