RC Cars down in 2014

olizze TPL down in 2014: these are the key findings of the latest survey conducted by the Observatory Prices RC Auto, promoted by 6sicuro, online comparator which since 2000 has helped millions of Italians find the most suitable insurance to your needs. A very important analysis, this, since the figures shown allow us to reconstruct the trend of the automobile insurance market in Italy.

The data contained in the 20 sheets are updated as of December 31, 2014 and take into consideration the price trends of the last six and twelve months, divided by region and individual provinces.

What has changed in the last year

If we look in detail, we find that at national level the average of the minimum prices (the cheapest average rate of the Motor TPL estimates returned by the comparator of 6sicuro.it) in December 2014 fell to 576.67 euros , against 663.34 euros recorded in June 2014 and 715.87 in December 2013. This confirms the national trend of the last year, but also that the solutions proposed by 6sicuro.it are always cheaper. In fact, in the last year the average minimum price fell by 24.1%.

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Turning to the analysis of the average of the maximum prices , ie the average price of those estimates more expensive results equal insurance profile returned by 6sicuro.it, last December the maximum share reached 1,336.24 euros , with a six-monthly trend of – -7.2% and -9.4% compared to twelve months ago. This means that at the national level the prices of RC car policies are leveling down.

Rc Auto: the situation in the regions of Italy

With regard to the situation in the individual regions, the survey conducted in December 2014 by the Observatory of 6sicro.it showed that the three regions with the lowest average rates are located in the North of the Belpaese and are: Trentino Alto Adige , Friuli Venezia Giulia and Valle D’Aosta .

Trentino Alto Adige average minimum prices stood at € 373.68, a fall of 15.5% compared to six months ago and 22.4% compared to a year ago; in Friuli Venezia Giulia , on the other hand, in December 2014, average Rc Auto prices fell by 10.7% in the last year to reach 375.82 euro (-11.7% on a six-monthly basis), in Valle D’Aosta the lowest minimum price was € 401.81 , up (and contrary to the national trend) in the last half of 8% and 18.9% compared to a year ago.

As far as the individual provinces are concerned, Asti in Piedmont holds the absolute national supremacy of the lowest minimum price with 282.06 euros (half of the national average price), recording an incredible result: an annual reduction of 86.9 % and 71% on a six-month basis.

Scepter to Campania as a region that is characterized by higher car prices compared to the average of the Belpaese. The data processed by the Price Observatory of 6sicuro.it speak of a regional average for the month of December 2014 which stood at € 1,167.71 for a policy, registering a -10% on a six-month basis and a -20.4% on an annual basis, about twice the national average.

The province with the least cheaper minimum price is Naples , where for an RC Car policy it is necessary to pay out well 1,272.58 euros ( -7.3% and -17.2% respectively in the last 6 and 12 months).

Let’s now pass to the analysis regarding the maximum price, that is to say the most expensive average rate of the RC Auto quotes returned by the comparator of 6sicuro.it.

The Italian regions that recorded the most expensive average price in December 2014 are located in the south of Italy: Campania , Calabria and Puglia .

The highest prices of the boot are in Campania, where the average of the most expensive premiums is € 2,175.50 (-1.3% on a six-month basis and -3.0% compared to December 2013). Once again Naples is on the podium for the highest prices: ensuring a car costs an average of 2,325.36 euros (the percentage trend of the last year is almost stable and marks a + 0.2% ) according to the most expensive prices received on the 6secure comparator.

In Calabria, the average price of the highest estimates decreased by 3.7% in twelve months and by 1% in 6, reaching a regional average of € 1,782.71 . As for Puglia , on the other hand, in December 2014, in order to purchase a Motor TPL policy, the maximum price was an average of 1,860.55 euro ( -3.7% and -6.3% on a six-monthly and annual basis).