Motorcycle insurance suspension: here’s what to know

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Securing bikes is sometimes more difficult than expected. The two wheels are not always used all year round and above all in Italy they still rhyme with the beautiful season.

Here then is that the temporary suspension of a motorcycle insurance returns very useful: let’s see what it is and why it could save you money!

What is the suspension of the insurance policy?

The temporary suspension of motorcycle insurance , which can be activated in periods when the vehicle is not used, offers the insured the possibility of optimizing the cost of the insurance premium over a longer period of time.

So the centaur will not pay a less expensive premium, but will be free to temporarily stop the coverage and reactivate it later.

Who does not use the bike all year can benefit from this option, but you have to pay close attention to the signing of the contract if the option is included in the information package of the motorcycle policy contract.

We need to know that not all companies provide for temporary suspension , but you will not have to settle, the insurance market offers so many alternatives.

Some of the policies provide an additional cost for the activation of the suspension of the policy: often this is not a fixed rate, but a percentage of the motorcycle CC.

It is possible that there are also costs to reactivate the policy and you may have to pay a fixed administrative fee or an adjustment. There are also constraints – which vary from one insurance company to another – related to the suspension itself.

You have to meet the minimum suspension times, almost always a minimum of 30 days, and the maximum times, in many cases exceed the maximum limit is equivalent to the termination of the contract. Finally, the suspension can be activated a predefined number of times, in very few cases it is indefinite, by sending a specific form to the company (through A / R, fax or e-mail).

Motorcycle insurance suspension: how to behave

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When you request the suspension of motorcycle insurance you do not have to use the vehicle because it is as if it were completely uninsured . This means that in the event of an accident, liability for damage caused to third parties is yours only and the insurance company does not offer any cover.

In order to be able to suspend the insurance it is necessary that the bike does not circulate and is stored in a private place, for example a box.

Always check the contractual clauses and additional cover established by the various insurance companies. In some cases, for example, companies offer cover theft and fire even during the insurance suspension period.

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Motorcycle insurance suspension: costs and information on policies

6sicuro is always attentive to the needs of its users, even for those who move on two wheels. In fact it is possible to customize the motorbike insurance , allowing the centaurs to consider the suspension of the civil liability policy. The insurance policy comparator of 6sicuro will allow you to determine the price of the policies that provide for suspension.

Let’s see together with which companies it is possible to stipulate suspendable policies, at what price and with what constraints.


With Aviva there is the possibility of suspending the policy , that is to say, interrupting insurance guarantees up to a maximum of 12 months. The return of the certificate, the mark and the possible Green Card is mandatory.

When the Contractor decides to reactivate the policy, the recovery is carried out by replacement and the premium is determined on the basis of the tariff in force on the date of reactivation.

With you

If during the course of the insurance year there is a need to suspend the motorbike policy because the vehicle is not used, ConTe offers the possibility to ” freeze” the insurance , for a maximum of two times during the insurance year.

It is not possible to request suspension in the first and last 30 days of the policy, and the period of inactivity of the insurance coverage can not exceed 12 months.

A 90-day suspension guarantees the extension of the policy expiration. Suspending the policy is completely free, while the reactivation has an administrative cost of about 24 euros.

YOUR insurance

TUA motorcycle suspension starts from the date of return of the insurance certificate, the mark and the Green Card (if delivered).

After 12 months from the suspension, without the Contractor requesting the reactivation of the guarantee, the contract lapses and the prize not enjoyed remains acquired by the company.

It is possible to suspend the contract if the residual duration of the premium paid is not less than 15 days. The suspension of the policy is not allowed for contracts with a duration of less than one year, for contracts administered with “book matriculation”, for contracts for the insurance of used vehicles circulating for testing, testing or demonstration.

The reactivation of the contract takes place with the issuance of a new contract to replace the one suspended, it must be done by extending the deadline for a period equal to that of the suspension. the premium is calculated on the 1/360 of the annual premium on the basis of the rate in force at the time of reactivation.

Furthermore, the premium is paid to the Contractor for the premium paid and not enjoyed. In the event that the suspension has a duration of less than 3 months, the maturity is not extended, nor the payment of the premium paid but not enjoyed relative to the period of suspension.

Verti ex DirectLine

Verti’s insurance policy can only be suspended once during the insurance annual period , but the residual term of the contract must be at least 30 days .

All you need to do is send an A / R by attaching the appropriate form and the original insurance certificate and green card.

The policy will be suspended from 24.00 on the date of sending the registered letter (the postmark will attest) and a written communication confirming the suspension will be sent to the address of residence. Suspension for tied-up contracts following a lease is not permitted unless authorized by the binded company.

The expiry of the contract is extended for a period equal to that of the suspension only if the policy has a duration equal to or greater than 61 days. After 12 months of suspension the contract is to be considered terminated. The reactivation of the policy has a cost of 30 euros and may also be requested for another vehicle.


As reported by the official website:

You can make this request only once during the 12 months of validity of the insurance and for a maximum duration of one year. With Zurich Connect you can reactivate your policy even on a new vehicle, provided that the old one has been sold, exported or demolished. If the policy does not reactivate within 12 months from the date of suspension, the contract lapses and does not provide for any reimbursement of the unused premium. We remind you that you can reactivate the policy of your bike for free.

You can also suspend the policy online from your Reserved Area.


There is a real policy dedicated only for those who purchase the Moto Free product, which allows the policy holder to suspend the contract whenever he wishes.

The minimum duration for the suspension of the Genialloyd policy is 30 days and a maximum of 12 months, and there are no re-activation costs.

Zurich Connect

The suspension service is provided only in the event that the contract provides for it and the Contractor is required to notify the company via e-mail or fax.

No later than 30 days after the suspension date (runs 24 hours after the request), the insured person must send the insurance certificate, the mark, the Green Card and any certificate of the risk status to the original company.

In the absence of sending this documentation, the contract will be activated the day following the effect of the suspension. After 12 months without a reactivation request, the contract is deemed to have been terminated. The re-activation bonus will be calculated with the same tariff as the suspended policy.

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Save on motorcycle insurance with suspension

By activating the suspension of the policy the vehicle will be temporarily without insurance coverage. It may seem like a logical thing, but that must be considered in detail.

Without regular insurance coverage, not only will it not be possible to circulate in the street, subject to administrative fine and seizure of the vehicle, but the vehicle must stop in a garage or in a private area to avoid involvement in road accidents.