Cars and historical motorcycles stamp: you can save money

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Auto Striche Stamp

Yes, if you have a car or a historical bike you can save money on the stamp .

Which cars and bikes are considered historic in Italy?

Historic cars and motorcycles are those vehicles with more than 20 years of life (depending on the year of construction) or vehicles canceled by PRA (Public Automotive Registry) of historical or collectible interest registered in the Asi register (Italian Historic Automotoclub ) or identified by FM I (Federazione Motociclistica italiana) in a list communicated annually to the regions; specifically it is about:

  • vehicles built specifically for competitions;
  • vehicles built for technical or aesthetic research, also in view of participation in exhibitions or exhibitions;
  • vehicles which, although not belonging to the aforementioned categories, are of particular historical or collectible interest due to their industrial, sporting, aesthetic or customary importance.

For these categories of vehicles, exemption from the payment of motor vehicle taxes applies in accordance with the provisions of art. 63 of Law 342/2000 – “Measures in tax matters” and, in the case of use on public roads of these vehicles must pay an annual flat-rate circulation tax (Decree of the President of the Republic February 5, 1953, No. 39, and ss .mm.).

The PA requires the owner of the vehicle the certificate of dating and historicity that can only be issued by the ASI (against which the tax payer must make the payment of a membership fee).

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How to do then to remedy this process?

Here are the possible solutions:

  1. Submit certificate of RIVS (Italian Historical Vehicles Register);
  2. Submit a question ;
  3. Submit a self-certification ;
  4. Pay the full amount of the stamp.

Submit RIVS certificate

In Piedmont and in Umbria the RIVS certificate holders can obtain the conversion of the property tax in circulation tax (so-called “reduced stamp”) as the value is comparable to the certificates issued by the ASI and IMF associations. Specifically in Piedmont with the resolution of the regional council n. 15-307 of 12 July 2010, the RIVS was recognized as an authority authorized by the Piedmont Region to control the requirements of cars and motorcycles with ages between 20 and 30 years from the date of construction. Therefore, following a check, the Examiners Commissioners designated by the RIVS will issue a “Special Certification” to the owner of the vehicle, granting the vehicle access to the tax benefits provided by law. Similarly in Umbria with the resolution of the regional council n. 903 of 23 July 2012.