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The increase in fuel prices has pushed car manufacturers to orient themselves, in recent years, towards new alternatives to traditional engines like petrol and diesel. This is why more and more cars with LPG engines are emerging.

In this selection we want to recommend the 10 best LPG cars currently on the market, to offer you a viable alternative to classic engines.

How an LPG system works

The cars with a double power supply all operate according to the same principle: from the cylinder the gas passes to a reducer, also called “lung” which, exploiting the heat of the cooling liquid, lowers the pressure of the gas up to 1-2 bar in based on the operating conditions required by the driver, such as acceleration or release. The LPG then passes to a filter, and then reaches the injector assembly.

The whole process will then be controlled by the electronic control unit of the car, starting from the opening of the various solenoid valves to the actual injection that will occur for each cylinder.

The main advantage that can give us a LPG engine, in addition to producing less polluting emissions, is certainly economical.

The lower cost of LPG, compared to traditional fuels, makes bifuel feeding advantageous, despite the efficiency being slightly lower than that offered by gasoline.

LPG cars consume more than petrol-powered cars, but because of the lower fuel cost, the scale needle leans in favor of LPG. Moreover, another advantage is being able to circulate within the LTZ, even if with some exceptions, such as the Area C of Milan.

The best LPG cars


10 migliori auto gpl

Among the best-selling cars this year we find the FIAT PANDA, this certainly thanks to a purchase price within the reach of many and practicality of the size. The Turin city car is ideal for traveling around the city and out of town.

In the Easy set-up, the Fiat Panda includes equipment with the classic 1.2-liter petrol engine and 69 hp of power.

Fiat Panda LPG, price starting from: 12.200 €


10 migliori auto gpl

Among the 10 best LPG cars can not miss the Dacia Sandero that, thanks to its value for money, is increasingly present on Italian roads.

The Dacia Sandero has a 900 cc turbocharged engine with 90 hp of power and the Streetway base set-up is already equipped with various comforts, such as rear parking sensors.

Dacia Sandero LPG, price starting from: 10.800 €


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In third place we find a French with a youthful look. Not surprisingly, the new C3 has been called the Social Car, thanks to the front camera that allows you to take pictures to share them on their Web profiles.

Totally renewed design: less soft shapes, very rich technological equipment and a wide range of interiors.

Citroën C3 has a 3-cylinder 1.2 engine with 82 hp of power and allows you to travel 100 km with only 4.9 liters of LPG.

Citroën C3 LPG, price starting from: € 15,800


10 migliori auto gpl

The cars powered by LPG are not just the city cars but also the cars of the highest segment. Among these we include in our list of 10 best LPG cars Ford Focus. Equipped with a 1.6 horsepower 1.6 engine, it is also available in a station wagon version that allows comfortable travel at a maximum speed of 150 km / h.

Ford Focus LPG, price starting at: € 21,650


10 auto pi%C3%B9 vendute in italia 2018 ypsilon

Ypsilon today is the only model produced by the Turin brand owned by the FCA group and we are talking about one of the CityCar par excellence, very popular car also in the medium and long term rental sector.


Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic with only € 21 full LPG is able to travel up to 1400 kilometers.

Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic LPG, price starting from: 10.650 €


10 migliori auto gpl

In our ranking certainly could not miss the German utilitarian reached its fifth generation.

The Opel Corsa Ecotec engine starts with a 1.4 direct injection Ecotec Turbo unit. This all-aluminum engine complies with the Euro 6 regulations and is offered in two power steps: 90/115 horsepower.

Opel Corsa Ecotec LPG, price starting from: 12.750



Among our selection of the 10 best LPG cars we find another French: Renault Clio TCe, which thanks to its new 0.9 turbo 0.9 cylinder provides the new LPG engine.

Clio, in recent years has become an icon of the car scene and is increasingly appreciated by Italian drivers. Not surprisingly, in recent years, it has been the best-selling foreign car in our country.

Renault Clio TCe, price starting at: € 14,400



With its total restyle, Fiat Tipo has regained a good share of the Italian market in the sedan sector, and that’s why we decided to include it among the 10 best LPG cars.

With its length of 4.5 meters, Type boasts rather generous dimensions compared to a 2.6 meter step which guarantees a good habitability inside. The compact sedan bodywork does not present excessive frills but is rich in chrome details, such as the lower frame of the windows and the band that joins the rear lights.

The new 1.4 T-Jet engine guarantees excellent performance for moderate consumption.

Fiat Tipo, price starting at: € 21,150



For those who want a small Italian crossover, here is FIAT 500X. Manageable and easy to drive, both in traffic and out of town. The 1.4 turbo engine offers a fluid and vigorous boost, even in LPG operation.

The mirror model, makes 500X even more technological than ever, thanks to its new multimedia system.

Fiat 500X, price starting from: € 21,500



To close our ranking of the 10 best LPG cars, always the Turin brand with Fiat 500L.

Fiat 500L is distinguished by the excellent use of space thanks to its considerable roominess also in the rear area and the longitudinally sliding sofa.  

The ratio between mileage and fuel consumption is also excellent, thanks to the 1.4 turbo engine which, like the sister 500X, guarantees excellent performance.

Fiat 500L, price starting from: 23.000 €