Bad witness for episcopal official cars

Image result for episcopal carsThe German environmental aid has examined the CO2 emissions of episcopal company cars. The result is unflattering for most German shepherds. Which bishop probably drives the most environmentally friendly car?

Berlin – 05.12.2018

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The German environmental aid (DUH) has issued the Protestant and Catholic bishops in Germany with a view of their company car a predominantly negative testimonial. Of the examined vehicles of the shepherds, only two had met the current EU fleet limit of 130 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, said the DUH at the presentation of the “official car check 2018” on Wednesday in Berlin.

According to the DUH, the most environmentally friendly are the Hamburg archbishop Stefan Heße (123 grams) and the Protestant state superintendent Dietmar Arends (130 grams) from the Lippische Landeskirche. Heisse drives a VW Golf Estate 1.4 TGI Blue Motion, Arends an Audi A3 Sportback g-tron 1.4 TFSI DSG; both cars are powered by natural gas and gasoline. According to the organization, the company car of the Eichstätt bishop Gregory Maria Hanke (140 grams) is in third place, just above the permissible limit.

Company car of Becker and Bätzing under the taillights

Taillights of this year’s review were among the gasoline cars of the Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker (219 grams) and Annette Kurschus (238 grams), the President of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia, and among the diesels the cars of Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing ( 222 grams) and Ralf Meister (225 grams), the regional bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover. The bishoprics of Augsburg and Regensburg refused according to the DUH the cooperation in the study and were therefore not evaluated.

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The detailed results of the study of the German environmental aid to the official cars of the German church leaders can be found in the table “CO2 emissions of the official cars of the German church leaders 2018”.

To the table “CO2 emissions of the company cars of the German church leaders 2018”

The environmental aid criticized in particular the high number of diesel vehicles in the church fleets. “Especially the churches bear a social responsibility to preserve the creation and should accordingly also act as role models in the choice of their company car,” said the deputy DUH Federal Managing Director Barbara Metz. It was “extremely shocking” that among the church leaders are still set on climate killers and on top of that more than half of the respondents with a diesel on the way.

Positive judgment on church relief organizations

Image result for episcopal carsOn the other hand, the environmental aid assessed positively the church aid agencies also examined. In four out of five organizations surveyed – including the German Caritas Association and the aid organization Misereor – the management does not have its own company car.

According to own data, the DUH examined for the “official car check 2018” the carbon dioxide emission of 128 cars from 47 bishoprics and regional churches as well as from five church relief organizations . For the first time, it was not based on the consumption of manufacturers, but the real CO2 emissions used as a basis for evaluation. For this purpose, the Environmental Aid claimed to use a correction factor to calculate the value of the average deviations from the manufacturer’s information. The data showed that the gap between the officially stated and the real CO2 emissions of new cars continues to grow. Meanwhile, the average deviation is 42 percent. (Stz)