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RC Cars down in 2014

olizze TPL down in 2014: these are the key findings of the latest survey conducted by the Observatory Prices RC Auto, promoted by 6sicuro, online comparator which since 2000 has helped millions of Italians find the most suitable insurance to your needs. A very important analysis, this, since the figures shown allow us to reconstruct the trend of the automobile insurance market in Italy.

The data contained in the 20 sheets are updated as of December 31, 2014 and take into consideration the price trends of the last six and twelve months, divided by region and individual provinces.

What has changed in the last year

If we look in detail, we find that at national level the average of the minimum prices (the cheapest average rate of the Motor TPL estimates returned by the comparator of in December 2014 fell to 576.67 euros , against 663.34 euros recorded in June 2014 and 715.87 in December 2013. This confirms the national trend of the last year, but also that the solutions proposed by are always cheaper. In fact, in the last year the average minimum price fell by 24.1%.

RC Cars down in 2014, check your province @ 6sicuro

Turning to the analysis of the average of the maximum prices , ie the average price of those estimates more expensive results equal insurance profile returned by, last December the maximum share reached 1,336.24 euros , with a six-monthly trend of – -7.2% and -9.4% compared to twelve months ago. This means that at the national level the prices of RC car policies are leveling down.

Rc Auto: the situation in the regions of Italy

With regard to the situation in the individual regions, the survey conducted in December 2014 by the Observatory of showed that the three regions with the lowest average rates are located in the North of the Belpaese and are: Trentino Alto Adige , Friuli Venezia Giulia and Valle D’Aosta .

Trentino Alto Adige average minimum prices stood at € 373.68, a fall of 15.5% compared to six months ago and 22.4% compared to a year ago; in Friuli Venezia Giulia , on the other hand, in December 2014, average Rc Auto prices fell by 10.7% in the last year to reach 375.82 euro (-11.7% on a six-monthly basis), in Valle D’Aosta the lowest minimum price was € 401.81 , up (and contrary to the national trend) in the last half of 8% and 18.9% compared to a year ago.

As far as the individual provinces are concerned, Asti in Piedmont holds the absolute national supremacy of the lowest minimum price with 282.06 euros (half of the national average price), recording an incredible result: an annual reduction of 86.9 % and 71% on a six-month basis.

Scepter to Campania as a region that is characterized by higher car prices compared to the average of the Belpaese. The data processed by the Price Observatory of speak of a regional average for the month of December 2014 which stood at € 1,167.71 for a policy, registering a -10% on a six-month basis and a -20.4% on an annual basis, about twice the national average.

The province with the least cheaper minimum price is Naples , where for an RC Car policy it is necessary to pay out well 1,272.58 euros ( -7.3% and -17.2% respectively in the last 6 and 12 months).

Let’s now pass to the analysis regarding the maximum price, that is to say the most expensive average rate of the RC Auto quotes returned by the comparator of

The Italian regions that recorded the most expensive average price in December 2014 are located in the south of Italy: Campania , Calabria and Puglia .

The highest prices of the boot are in Campania, where the average of the most expensive premiums is € 2,175.50 (-1.3% on a six-month basis and -3.0% compared to December 2013). Once again Naples is on the podium for the highest prices: ensuring a car costs an average of 2,325.36 euros (the percentage trend of the last year is almost stable and marks a + 0.2% ) according to the most expensive prices received on the 6secure comparator.

In Calabria, the average price of the highest estimates decreased by 3.7% in twelve months and by 1% in 6, reaching a regional average of € 1,782.71 . As for Puglia , on the other hand, in December 2014, in order to purchase a Motor TPL policy, the maximum price was an average of 1,860.55 euro ( -3.7% and -6.3% on a six-monthly and annual basis).



Best LPG cars

Image result for lpg cars
The increase in fuel prices has pushed car manufacturers to orient themselves, in recent years, towards new alternatives to traditional engines like petrol and diesel. This is why more and more cars with LPG engines are emerging.

In this selection we want to recommend the 10 best LPG cars currently on the market, to offer you a viable alternative to classic engines.

How an LPG system works

The cars with a double power supply all operate according to the same principle: from the cylinder the gas passes to a reducer, also called “lung” which, exploiting the heat of the cooling liquid, lowers the pressure of the gas up to 1-2 bar in based on the operating conditions required by the driver, such as acceleration or release. The LPG then passes to a filter, and then reaches the injector assembly.

The whole process will then be controlled by the electronic control unit of the car, starting from the opening of the various solenoid valves to the actual injection that will occur for each cylinder.

The main advantage that can give us a LPG engine, in addition to producing less polluting emissions, is certainly economical.

The lower cost of LPG, compared to traditional fuels, makes bifuel feeding advantageous, despite the efficiency being slightly lower than that offered by gasoline.

LPG cars consume more than petrol-powered cars, but because of the lower fuel cost, the scale needle leans in favor of LPG. Moreover, another advantage is being able to circulate within the LTZ, even if with some exceptions, such as the Area C of Milan.

The best LPG cars


10 migliori auto gpl

Among the best-selling cars this year we find the FIAT PANDA, this certainly thanks to a purchase price within the reach of many and practicality of the size. The Turin city car is ideal for traveling around the city and out of town.

In the Easy set-up, the Fiat Panda includes equipment with the classic 1.2-liter petrol engine and 69 hp of power.

Fiat Panda LPG, price starting from: 12.200 €


10 migliori auto gpl

Among the 10 best LPG cars can not miss the Dacia Sandero that, thanks to its value for money, is increasingly present on Italian roads.

The Dacia Sandero has a 900 cc turbocharged engine with 90 hp of power and the Streetway base set-up is already equipped with various comforts, such as rear parking sensors.

Dacia Sandero LPG, price starting from: 10.800 €


Image result for lpg cars

In third place we find a French with a youthful look. Not surprisingly, the new C3 has been called the Social Car, thanks to the front camera that allows you to take pictures to share them on their Web profiles.

Totally renewed design: less soft shapes, very rich technological equipment and a wide range of interiors.

Citroën C3 has a 3-cylinder 1.2 engine with 82 hp of power and allows you to travel 100 km with only 4.9 liters of LPG.

Citroën C3 LPG, price starting from: € 15,800


10 migliori auto gpl

The cars powered by LPG are not just the city cars but also the cars of the highest segment. Among these we include in our list of 10 best LPG cars Ford Focus. Equipped with a 1.6 horsepower 1.6 engine, it is also available in a station wagon version that allows comfortable travel at a maximum speed of 150 km / h.

Ford Focus LPG, price starting at: € 21,650


10 auto pi%C3%B9 vendute in italia 2018 ypsilon

Ypsilon today is the only model produced by the Turin brand owned by the FCA group and we are talking about one of the CityCar par excellence, very popular car also in the medium and long term rental sector.


Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic with only € 21 full LPG is able to travel up to 1400 kilometers.

Lancia Ypsilon Ecochic LPG, price starting from: 10.650 €


10 migliori auto gpl

In our ranking certainly could not miss the German utilitarian reached its fifth generation.

The Opel Corsa Ecotec engine starts with a 1.4 direct injection Ecotec Turbo unit. This all-aluminum engine complies with the Euro 6 regulations and is offered in two power steps: 90/115 horsepower.

Opel Corsa Ecotec LPG, price starting from: 12.750



Among our selection of the 10 best LPG cars we find another French: Renault Clio TCe, which thanks to its new 0.9 turbo 0.9 cylinder provides the new LPG engine.

Clio, in recent years has become an icon of the car scene and is increasingly appreciated by Italian drivers. Not surprisingly, in recent years, it has been the best-selling foreign car in our country.

Renault Clio TCe, price starting at: € 14,400



With its total restyle, Fiat Tipo has regained a good share of the Italian market in the sedan sector, and that’s why we decided to include it among the 10 best LPG cars.

With its length of 4.5 meters, Type boasts rather generous dimensions compared to a 2.6 meter step which guarantees a good habitability inside. The compact sedan bodywork does not present excessive frills but is rich in chrome details, such as the lower frame of the windows and the band that joins the rear lights.

The new 1.4 T-Jet engine guarantees excellent performance for moderate consumption.

Fiat Tipo, price starting at: € 21,150



For those who want a small Italian crossover, here is FIAT 500X. Manageable and easy to drive, both in traffic and out of town. The 1.4 turbo engine offers a fluid and vigorous boost, even in LPG operation.

The mirror model, makes 500X even more technological than ever, thanks to its new multimedia system.

Fiat 500X, price starting from: € 21,500



To close our ranking of the 10 best LPG cars, always the Turin brand with Fiat 500L.

Fiat 500L is distinguished by the excellent use of space thanks to its considerable roominess also in the rear area and the longitudinally sliding sofa.  

The ratio between mileage and fuel consumption is also excellent, thanks to the 1.4 turbo engine which, like the sister 500X, guarantees excellent performance.

Fiat 500L, price starting from: 23.000 €


The Iranian automobile sector faces a difficult future because of the sanctions

Image result for iranian automobile section

The Iranian automobile sector faces a difficult future because of the sanctions


Teheran, Aug 7 (EFE) .- One of the first victims of US sanctions against Iran is the automobile sector, which is facing a complicated period for both the manufacture of vehicles and the import of spare parts.

This sector is penalized by the sanctions that entered into force today, imposed by the US after its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement of 2015 with Iran and which also concern foreign manufacturers established in the Persian country.

The most notorious cases are those of the French companies PSA and Renault, which in collaboration with local partners manufactured until recently almost half of the newly registered vehicles in Iran.

The PSA group, formed by Peugeot and Citroën, announced last June that “the process of suspension of activities” began to adapt to the US embargo, whose administration rejected France’s requests for exemptions for its companies.

PSA signed agreements with the Iranian manufacturer Iran Khodro in June 2016, to jointly invest 400 million euros and manufacture locally Peugeot cars, and with Saipa in October of that year.

For its part, Renault said it wanted to “maintain the long-term relationship” that it has with Iran, although more recently it advocated seeking opportunities in other countries to compensate for the reduction of business in the Iranian market.

This French manufacturer sold 162,079 units in the Persian country in 2017, an increase of 49% over the previous year thanks to the success of its Tondar and Sandero models.

The reality on the ground is that the expatriate workers of both companies have started to leave Iran and the level of production has been drastically reduced.

As a result, the price of the Peugeot 207 recently increased by 13% to reach $ 21,600, while the Sandero rose just over 10%, exceeding $ 23,000, according to a report by the Tasnim agency.

Other foreign companies in the sector with businesses in Iran, although smaller in scale, such as Scania, Daimler and Volvo, have also started their withdrawal, at least partially.

Foreign companies are aware that a complete exit from the Iranian market in this period of sanctions will make it difficult for them to return in the future, something that the Persian authorities themselves have warned.

“We are monitoring how large foreign companies interact with Iran in the current period and this will certainly affect our economic relations with them in the long term,” said Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohamad Nahavandian.

In addition to foreign manufacturers and their local partners, US sanctions also affect the spare parts sector, of which there are already some shortages.

In an official repair shop in Saipa, outside of Tehran, there were thirty cars covered with dust in the absence of spare parts.

“Because of the dust, we can perfectly well know that they have been parked for more than 20 days because we are missing some spare parts to repair them,” said Ali Reza, one of the operators.

The mechanic told Efe that this shortage is not yet directly motivated by the sanctions, since for example South Korea continues to sell them pieces, but rather by the devaluation of the national currency, which is holding back imports.

The fall of the rial, which has lost more than half of its value since April, has led to a general rise in prices, not only of imported items, and a great uncertainty at the time of purchase and sale.

According to a seller of spare parts, named Hasan and a store located in northern Tehran, the main reason for this shortage is speculation.

“The stores are full of spare parts because the big businessmen imported enough before the devaluation of the rial, but they do not sell them because they know that the prices are going to go up,” he complained.

Hasan acknowledged to Efe that with the sanctions the prices will suffer “another escalation”, while the income of his small business -added- “they do not even give to cover the rent”.

This first round of US sanctions also affects the trade in gold and other metals, precious as well as aluminum or steel, and prohibits the purchase of Iranian debt and the Iranian Government to acquire dollars, which has repercussions in many sectors of an economy and in difficulties.EFE


The creditors to Racing de Santander have one month to communicate their credits

The creditors to Racing de Santander have one month to communicate their credits

Image result for racing de santander

The creditors of Racing de Santander have a period of one month to inform the insolvency administration about the existence of their credits.

The creditors of Racing de Santander have a period of one month to inform the insolvency administration about the existence of their credits.

# Expand photo

This is indicated by a communication from the Judicial Secretary of the Mercantile Court No. 1 of Santander, published on Tuesday by the Official Gazette.

In the communication, which includes Europa Press, it is recalled that by a car of last July 8, has been declared in competition to the Royal Rácing Club of Santander, Sports Limited Company, retaining the faculties of administration and disposition of its assets, but submitted to the intervention of the Bankruptcy Administration.

In the third part of this communication, it is stated that the bankruptcy creditors must inform the insolvency administration of the existence of their credits in the form and with the data expressed in the Bankruptcy Law.

The deadline for this communication is one month from the last publication of the announcements ordered to be published in the Official State Gazette and as complementary publicity on the TSJC website.

Finally, it is reminded that the creditors and interested parties that wish to appear in the proceeding must do so through a Procurator and assisted by a lawyer.

The Commercial Court number 1 of Santander declared on July 8 in bankruptcy proceedings to the Real Racing Club of Santander, after the entity presented all the necessary documentation to benefit from this legal concept.

In the car, Alejandro Alvargonzález Tremols, the economist Santiago Ruiz Asenjo, and the creditor of the State Agency of the Tax Administration, were appointed as insolvency administrators, “taking into account the undoubted relevance of his credit”.

Likewise, the owner of the Court decided to intervene – not suspend – the faculties of administration and disposition of the Club, which will be supervised by the insolvency administration and, ultimately, by the Court.

In the resolution, the judge indicated that “the applicant has concluded the last few years with negative equity,” which “allows us to conclude that she is in a current insolvency situation, given that she is unable to fulfill her obligations under the circumstances described above. required and to go to economic-financial sources under normal market conditions in order to meet them. “

Passive greater than 37

Millions of euros

At the time of issuing the car, the owner of the Court has had to examine all documentation submitted by the Club. As established by the Bankruptcy Law, together with the bankruptcy application, the debtor must present an explanatory report on the Club’s economic and legal history, the reasons why it is insolvent and the possibilities of viability and continuity of the bank. its activity avoiding the disappearance.

In addition, an inventory of goods, with their acquisition value and an estimate of the current real value; and the list of creditors that the Club has, together with the amount and maturity of the respective credits. Likewise, it has had to provide the mandatory accounting documentation.

As a result of this examination, the order stated that “the list of creditors reflects that the applicant has a significant liability that exceeds 37,000,000 euros, which is distributed in its substantial part between the AEAT and the players that make up the first team squad or linked with image rights of these “.

“The rest of the credits that make up the list of creditors correspond in an important proportion to debts already due or immediately or near expiration, and these credits must be united to assess the effective patrimonial situation of the applicant, which necessarily will be to cause immediately as a consequence of the continuity of their activity, especially, their permanence in the first division football competition of the Professional Football League, “the car states.

On the other hand, as it is extracted from the list of creditors provided, its assets, which are valued in terms of the market by the applicant at 44,000,000 euros, are for the most part integrated by rights linked to the federative rights of players who they are part of the staff of the first division team, which were pledged in favor of the AEAT on the date immediately prior to the request, “right arising from the free transfer of land and rights linked to the brand itself that constitutes an essential intangible asset for the continuation of his sporting activity, “the car says.

An exit in situations of insolvency

The bankruptcy is a judicial procedure included in the Bankruptcy Law that offers an exit to those who are in a situation of insolvency and can not afford the payments to their creditors.

To avoid the multiplicity of judicial processes that these could initiate to claim the debts, a contest begins that groups all of them and avoids that some can collect and others not. The purpose of the bankruptcy procedure is that the company can reach an agreement with its creditors, so that it faces the payments in terms that can be fulfilled and thus avoid the liquidation of the entity.


GRIP: Combat Racing, the review

Image result for combat racingTaking a look at the review of GRIP: Combat Racing one wonders: where did the futuristic racing arcade end up ? Between the 1990s and the beginning of 2000 there was a large movement that evidently saw a close connection between technological progress, speed, competition and unsportsmanlike violence. The origins of this wave date back to almost thirty years ago, when F-Zero showed to a dismayed world the wonders of Mode 7 shot at thousands of kilometers per hour, but from there the same concept was used in other cases, often to stage remarkable technological developments such as Crash N Burn on 3DO or Megarace at the dawn of the CD-ROM. The game that perhaps has enjoyed greater following and that still counts of the emuli is probably Wipeout, but there is a line of less glamorous products but not less appreciated by gamers, decidedly more rough in terms of aesthetics but all based on the gameplay and the competition, which could be defined as a kind of parallel and obscure version of the aseptic titles that emerged from the Psygnosis tradition.

Image result for combat racing

Just under the same label saw the light Rollcage in the late 90s, developed by Attention to Detail and became a sort of cult game, certainly less popular than others but characterized by a hard core of fans that has further strengthened (and perhaps enlarged) with the next release of Rollcage: Stage 2, which emerged the following year on PC and on the first PlayStation. The mention of these two titles is mandatory to introduce GRIP: Combat Racing , because the latter is not simply inspired by the series in question but it is the real “spiritual follow-up”, a definition that has become more and more common lately with the productions that emerged in crowdfunding precisely because, often, these are projects carried out by the same authors of the original titles but forced to apply different names to the games in order not to run into copyright issues. GRIP: Combat Racing is in effect the heir to Rollcage, developed by some of the original authors gathered in the Caged Element team and initially proposed through a crowdfunding finished badly but fortunately resumed and brought to a conclusion with the support of Wired Productions.



Motorcycle insurance suspension: here’s what to know

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Securing bikes is sometimes more difficult than expected. The two wheels are not always used all year round and above all in Italy they still rhyme with the beautiful season.

Here then is that the temporary suspension of a motorcycle insurance returns very useful: let’s see what it is and why it could save you money!

What is the suspension of the insurance policy?

The temporary suspension of motorcycle insurance , which can be activated in periods when the vehicle is not used, offers the insured the possibility of optimizing the cost of the insurance premium over a longer period of time.

So the centaur will not pay a less expensive premium, but will be free to temporarily stop the coverage and reactivate it later.

Who does not use the bike all year can benefit from this option, but you have to pay close attention to the signing of the contract if the option is included in the information package of the motorcycle policy contract.

We need to know that not all companies provide for temporary suspension , but you will not have to settle, the insurance market offers so many alternatives.

Some of the policies provide an additional cost for the activation of the suspension of the policy: often this is not a fixed rate, but a percentage of the motorcycle CC.

It is possible that there are also costs to reactivate the policy and you may have to pay a fixed administrative fee or an adjustment. There are also constraints – which vary from one insurance company to another – related to the suspension itself.

You have to meet the minimum suspension times, almost always a minimum of 30 days, and the maximum times, in many cases exceed the maximum limit is equivalent to the termination of the contract. Finally, the suspension can be activated a predefined number of times, in very few cases it is indefinite, by sending a specific form to the company (through A / R, fax or e-mail).

Motorcycle insurance suspension: how to behave

Image result for motorcycle insurance suspension

When you request the suspension of motorcycle insurance you do not have to use the vehicle because it is as if it were completely uninsured . This means that in the event of an accident, liability for damage caused to third parties is yours only and the insurance company does not offer any cover.

In order to be able to suspend the insurance it is necessary that the bike does not circulate and is stored in a private place, for example a box.

Always check the contractual clauses and additional cover established by the various insurance companies. In some cases, for example, companies offer cover theft and fire even during the insurance suspension period.

Supporto per tagliando assicurazione moto 440998 Support for motorcycle insurance coupon 440998 € 10.40 See offer on Amazon 

Motorcycle insurance suspension: costs and information on policies

6sicuro is always attentive to the needs of its users, even for those who move on two wheels. In fact it is possible to customize the motorbike insurance , allowing the centaurs to consider the suspension of the civil liability policy. The insurance policy comparator of 6sicuro will allow you to determine the price of the policies that provide for suspension.

Let’s see together with which companies it is possible to stipulate suspendable policies, at what price and with what constraints.


With Aviva there is the possibility of suspending the policy , that is to say, interrupting insurance guarantees up to a maximum of 12 months. The return of the certificate, the mark and the possible Green Card is mandatory.

When the Contractor decides to reactivate the policy, the recovery is carried out by replacement and the premium is determined on the basis of the tariff in force on the date of reactivation.

With you

If during the course of the insurance year there is a need to suspend the motorbike policy because the vehicle is not used, ConTe offers the possibility to ” freeze” the insurance , for a maximum of two times during the insurance year.

It is not possible to request suspension in the first and last 30 days of the policy, and the period of inactivity of the insurance coverage can not exceed 12 months.

A 90-day suspension guarantees the extension of the policy expiration. Suspending the policy is completely free, while the reactivation has an administrative cost of about 24 euros.

YOUR insurance

TUA motorcycle suspension starts from the date of return of the insurance certificate, the mark and the Green Card (if delivered).

After 12 months from the suspension, without the Contractor requesting the reactivation of the guarantee, the contract lapses and the prize not enjoyed remains acquired by the company.

It is possible to suspend the contract if the residual duration of the premium paid is not less than 15 days. The suspension of the policy is not allowed for contracts with a duration of less than one year, for contracts administered with “book matriculation”, for contracts for the insurance of used vehicles circulating for testing, testing or demonstration.

The reactivation of the contract takes place with the issuance of a new contract to replace the one suspended, it must be done by extending the deadline for a period equal to that of the suspension. the premium is calculated on the 1/360 of the annual premium on the basis of the rate in force at the time of reactivation.

Furthermore, the premium is paid to the Contractor for the premium paid and not enjoyed. In the event that the suspension has a duration of less than 3 months, the maturity is not extended, nor the payment of the premium paid but not enjoyed relative to the period of suspension.

Verti ex DirectLine

Verti’s insurance policy can only be suspended once during the insurance annual period , but the residual term of the contract must be at least 30 days .

All you need to do is send an A / R by attaching the appropriate form and the original insurance certificate and green card.

The policy will be suspended from 24.00 on the date of sending the registered letter (the postmark will attest) and a written communication confirming the suspension will be sent to the address of residence. Suspension for tied-up contracts following a lease is not permitted unless authorized by the binded company.

The expiry of the contract is extended for a period equal to that of the suspension only if the policy has a duration equal to or greater than 61 days. After 12 months of suspension the contract is to be considered terminated. The reactivation of the policy has a cost of 30 euros and may also be requested for another vehicle.


As reported by the official website:

You can make this request only once during the 12 months of validity of the insurance and for a maximum duration of one year. With Zurich Connect you can reactivate your policy even on a new vehicle, provided that the old one has been sold, exported or demolished. If the policy does not reactivate within 12 months from the date of suspension, the contract lapses and does not provide for any reimbursement of the unused premium. We remind you that you can reactivate the policy of your bike for free.

You can also suspend the policy online from your Reserved Area.


There is a real policy dedicated only for those who purchase the Moto Free product, which allows the policy holder to suspend the contract whenever he wishes.

The minimum duration for the suspension of the Genialloyd policy is 30 days and a maximum of 12 months, and there are no re-activation costs.

Zurich Connect

The suspension service is provided only in the event that the contract provides for it and the Contractor is required to notify the company via e-mail or fax.

No later than 30 days after the suspension date (runs 24 hours after the request), the insured person must send the insurance certificate, the mark, the Green Card and any certificate of the risk status to the original company.

In the absence of sending this documentation, the contract will be activated the day following the effect of the suspension. After 12 months without a reactivation request, the contract is deemed to have been terminated. The re-activation bonus will be calculated with the same tariff as the suspended policy.

Motorcycle insurance suspension: here’s what to know Click To Tweet

Save on motorcycle insurance with suspension

By activating the suspension of the policy the vehicle will be temporarily without insurance coverage. It may seem like a logical thing, but that must be considered in detail.

Without regular insurance coverage, not only will it not be possible to circulate in the street, subject to administrative fine and seizure of the vehicle, but the vehicle must stop in a garage or in a private area to avoid involvement in road accidents.


Motorcycle navigator: the best 10 models for traveling

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Do you love to travel by motorcycle and you want to discover new and uncontaminated places? The knowledge of the roads is the basis of safety: using a motorcycle navigator is the ideal choice not to get lost and better appreciate the stops.

How to choose the motorcycle navigator

Motorcycle navigators are devices that contribute to improving the comfort and safety of every motorcyclist. Like the navigators designed for motorists, these navigators must be constantly updated, to know well any changes or unforeseen events, due to construction sites or temporary detours, the driver will meet.

Choosing a motorcycle navigator , although it may seem almost impossible, actually turns out to be very interesting. In fact, there are many aspects to be considered a priori, aimed essentially at the use that you intend to make of your future device. In this regard, you will have to make local mind on the type of use you will be making.

If you use the bike for a short time a year, during the summer months or days with more acceptable temperatures or if you consider it as the main means for your travels, it is good to understand the basic features and the related options.

The navigator lends itself to indicate the route to follow to reach the chosen destination. Sometimes, you can have additional conveniences that allow you to enhance the level of adventure, without neglecting comfort while driving.

Below, you will find the elements that will allow you to close the circle on the navigators, until you read the reviews of the most widespread and performing models.


The screen is a very important prerequisite for the choice of a motorcycle navigator. The screen is, in fact, the interface that allows you to interact with the device and view the route on the map. The dimensions of the display are therefore essential, because they have to improve your driving and safety on the road.

The models of low-end navigators have a screen with 2 or 3 inches but, frankly, it is an expense that you could avoid because the visibility leaves rather to be desired.

Although the cost is higher, but still compared to excellent performance, the ideal size of a display is between a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 inches. In this way, the maps and routes are displayed clearly, without having to compromise your road safety. There are also models with larger screens that, for a motorcycle, are even exaggerated.

By choosing a mid-range display, you can concentrate on other aspects that can be very useful when driving. One of these is waterproofing . How many times have you happened to be surprised by a storm or stop for a refueling? Among the additional features of a navigator you can also find the resistance to water and fuel.

Another prerogative of a motorcycle navigator is the use of gloves. To be functional and comfortable at the same time, the motorcycle navigator must allow access even to riders who are used to traveling with gloves. light or heavy.

Maps, traffic info and features

The function of the maps is one of the basic technical characteristics of each navigator. Before buying, always consider the possibility of updating. There are models that offer free downloads of updates for life, while others provide for the payment of an annual fee to proceed with the updating of the cartography .

Having updated maps allows not only to drive safely and quietly, but also to avoid traffic jams or deviations due to construction sites or work along the roadway. With the traffic info function you can not only avoid certain areas, but travel alternative routes that will allow you to reach your destination at the scheduled time.

The functions of a navigator are quite varied and their presence often affects the final choice. To maximize the comfort while driving and not to miss anything at all, the navigators are now integrated with Wi-Fi sensors to connect to the Internet and Bluetooth technology to have access to the functionality of the smartphone, such as address book, music or video .

BMW Motorrad Navigator V

BMW Motorrad Navigator V for Moto Navigator Touchscreen 5 “

  • BMW

€ 792.00 See offer on Amazon

Waterproof navigator, integrated with Bluetooth sensor, and easy to use, to make long distance travel even more enjoyable. The 5 “Touchscreen display is even more powerful and allows viewing even under the sun’s rays. Thanks to the car assembly kit (available as an option), you can transform your navigator into a multi-functional unit.

Garmin Zumo 595LM EU

Offer Garmin Zumo 595LM EU Advanced Motorcycle Navigator, Map Italy and Europe Complete, Spotify and Smart Functions, Display 5.0 ', Black / Gray Garmin Zumo 595LM EU Advanced Motorcycle Navigator, Map Italy and Europe Complete, Spotify and Smart Functions, 5.0 “Display, Black / Gray

  • 5 “anti-glare touch screen with double orientation, suitable for use with gloves
  • Drive Alerts: alerts near situations where more attention is required
  • Bluetooth for hands-free phone and MP3 player and integrated Spotify player

€ 449.00 See offer on Amazon

The top of the technology is contained in this 5.0 “screen navigator, perfectly readable in the sunlight and suitable for use with gloves.

The structure is robust and waterproof, and features the Bluetooth module to conveniently make hands-free calls and listen to music from the integrated Spotify player, the internal MP3 player or your iPod or iPhone. Connect it to your smartphone to view notifications directly on the browser screen.

Garmin Zumo 345LM WE

Offer Garmin Zumo 345LM WE Navigator for Motorcycles, Map of Italy and Western Europe, Display 4.3 ', Black Garmin Zumo 345LM WE Navigator for Motorcycles, Map of Italy and Western Europe, Display 4.3 “, Black

  • 4.3 “anti-glare touch screen suitable for use with gloves
  • Drive Alerts: alerts near situations where more attention is required
  • Bluetooth for hands-free phone and MP3 listening

€ 269.00 See offer on Amazon

Slightly smaller than the previous model, the zumo 345LM, with preloaded map of Italy and Western Europe, provides all the information on a 4.3 “screen, perfectly legible in sunlight and suitable for use with gloves.

The structure is robust and waterproof and features the Drive Alerts feature, a series of warnings that make the motorcyclist of the various phases of his journey. Through the Bluetooth module you can conveniently make hands-free calls and listen to music from the internal MP3 player or from your smartphone.

Garmin Zumo 340LM

Offer Garmin Zumo 340LM CE Navigator Auto / Moto, Central Europe, Touch Screen 4.3 ', Bluetooth Audio, Black Garmin Zumo 340LM CE Car / Motorcycle Navigator, Central Europe, 4.3 “Touch Screen, Bluetooth Audio, Black

  • Sturdy, waterproof (IPX7), resistant to splashes of fuel and UV rays and touch screen suitable …
  • Free maps updates for life
  • Register of the history of assistance for the maintenance of the motorcycle

€ 341.24 See offer on Amazon

The zumo 340LM fully meets the needs of the most demanding motorcyclist, enclosing in a single instrument the top of the technology available.

Easily usable with gloves thanks to the wide buttons, the zumo 340LM has a sturdy and waterproof structure, resistant to fuel splashes and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Equipped with Bluetooth technology to listen with the highest quality the guide voice reproduced by the same device through compatible earphones and helmets.

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TomTom Start 20 M

Offer TomTom Start 20 M Europe Complete 45 Countries GPS for Cars, Free Maps for Life, IQ Routes, Speed ​​Cameras [Italy]

  • Maps of high quality – entrusted to its indications and safely surpasses even the most …
  • 4.3 inch screen
  • Safety Camera Alerts

€ 100.84 See offer on Amazon

Maximum peace and security guaranteed by this navigator with the free lifetime map service. The best device in the category, surprisingly easy to use.

Clearly show which lane to take to the fittings, in order not to miss the right exit. On the most complex motorway junctions, a realistic 3D representation of the junction will guide you safely and serenely.

TomTom Start 25 M Navigator

TomTom Start 25 M EU Satellite Navigation System, 5-Inch Display, with Maps of the 48 European Countries Lifetime, Reconditioned Certificate

  • Certified refurbished article: this product has been tested and certified by the manufacturer; …
  • Lifetime maps of the 48 European countries: install and update TomTom maps at no additional cost, for …
  • IQ Routes: very fast routes and very precise arrival times

€ 115.02 See offer on Amazon

Navigator that allows full control in the guide. Designed to offer maximum convenience of use, the device allows the use of voice commands for the execution of many functions, such as address entry and route planning. Free lifetime map update.

TomTom Rider 40 GPS

TomTom Rider 40 GPS for Motorcycle, Western Europe, Black / Anthracite

  • Audio instructions via bluetooth
  • Waterproof and suitable for use with gloves
  • Upload tracks (GPX format)

€ 558.00 See offer on Amazon

The model of this navigator has been redesigned to be able to orient it horizontally or vertically, in order to adapt the navigation according to the tortuosity of the route.

The Bluetooth sensor allows you to connect to your smartphone to make calls or simply to listen to the music on your device, for maximum comfort.

TomTom Rider 400 GPS

Offer TomTom Rider 400 GPS for Moto, Europa Complete, Black / Anthracite TomTom Rider 400 GPS for Moto, Europa Complete, Black / Anthracite

  • Audio instructions via bluetooth
  • Waterproof and suitable for use with gloves
  • Upload tracks (GPX format)

from € 362.00 See offer on Amazon

With this device, taking new routes will be an incredible adventure! Thanks to three different levels, you can select the intensity of the winding roads, from low, medium or high. You can also choose the altitude level to be reached, in addition to the areas to visit, simply by touching the area on the map.

TomTom Rider 420

TomTom Rider 420 GPS Navigator for Motorcycles, Maps Europe 48 Countries, Black TomTom Rider 420 GPS Navigator for Motorcycles, Maps Europe 48 Countries, Black

  • Smart screen: the Touchscreen adapts to light and to use with heavy gloves
  • Maps of Europe 48 Lifetime Countries: Always drive with the latest map, at no additional cost
  • TomTom Traffic for life: get smart routes to avoid real-time traffic for the whole …

€ 399.90 See offer on Amazon

The 4.3 “display allows you to have the maximum adrenaline on exciting routes and breathtaking roads. You can choose the altitude and steering level, even when driving, through the use of gloves. The screen, water resistant, is highly functional even in case of rain.

TomTom Via 135 M Europe

5 “display, integrated with the TomTom Speak & Go function that allows you to pronounce an address, a point of interest or a simple phrase to plan the route. The hands-free function is also enhanced thanks to calls via Bluetooth. In addition to driving pleasure, you can stay in touch with friends and family without ever leaving the wheel.


Cars and historical motorcycles stamp: you can save money

Image result for historical motors

Auto Striche Stamp

Yes, if you have a car or a historical bike you can save money on the stamp .

Which cars and bikes are considered historic in Italy?

Historic cars and motorcycles are those vehicles with more than 20 years of life (depending on the year of construction) or vehicles canceled by PRA (Public Automotive Registry) of historical or collectible interest registered in the Asi register (Italian Historic Automotoclub ) or identified by FM I (Federazione Motociclistica italiana) in a list communicated annually to the regions; specifically it is about:

  • vehicles built specifically for competitions;
  • vehicles built for technical or aesthetic research, also in view of participation in exhibitions or exhibitions;
  • vehicles which, although not belonging to the aforementioned categories, are of particular historical or collectible interest due to their industrial, sporting, aesthetic or customary importance.

For these categories of vehicles, exemption from the payment of motor vehicle taxes applies in accordance with the provisions of art. 63 of Law 342/2000 – “Measures in tax matters” and, in the case of use on public roads of these vehicles must pay an annual flat-rate circulation tax (Decree of the President of the Republic February 5, 1953, No. 39, and ss .mm.).

The PA requires the owner of the vehicle the certificate of dating and historicity that can only be issued by the ASI (against which the tax payer must make the payment of a membership fee).

Image result for historical motors

How to do then to remedy this process?

Here are the possible solutions:

  1. Submit certificate of RIVS (Italian Historical Vehicles Register);
  2. Submit a question ;
  3. Submit a self-certification ;
  4. Pay the full amount of the stamp.

Submit RIVS certificate

In Piedmont and in Umbria the RIVS certificate holders can obtain the conversion of the property tax in circulation tax (so-called “reduced stamp”) as the value is comparable to the certificates issued by the ASI and IMF associations. Specifically in Piedmont with the resolution of the regional council n. 15-307 of 12 July 2010, the RIVS was recognized as an authority authorized by the Piedmont Region to control the requirements of cars and motorcycles with ages between 20 and 30 years from the date of construction. Therefore, following a check, the Examiners Commissioners designated by the RIVS will issue a “Special Certification” to the owner of the vehicle, granting the vehicle access to the tax benefits provided by law. Similarly in Umbria with the resolution of the regional council n. 903 of 23 July 2012.